Focus scope

Jurnal IMANENSI Journal highly appreciates new, innovative, critical and challenging thoughts to trigger the birth of Islamic economic concepts and practices according to maqashid syariah (sharia goals) for the benefit / welfare of the people and better progress of civilization. The objectives of the IMANENSI journal are (1) To open an insight into the Islamic approach in Economic, Business, Management and Accounting research; (2) Providing inspiration for the development of Islamic Economics, Business, Management and Accounting widely; (3) Encouraging the presence of concepts and practices in Islamic Economics, Business, Management and Accounting with the main topics and not limited to:

  1. Islamization, Islamic Science, Economic and Business Epistemology
  2. Community Economy and Cooperatives
  3. Development Economics and Al Hisbah
  4. Monetary Economy
  5. Institutional Economics
  6. History and Economic and Business Thought
  7. Politics and Economic and Business Policy
  8. Banking and Financial Institutions
  9. Sectoral Economy (Agriculture, Energy, Employment, Public Sector, Capital Market)
  10. Environmental Economics and Business
  11. Sociology and Economic and Business Anthropology
  12. Company business
  13. Business Law and Fiqh
  14. Economic and Business Education
  15. Marketing Management, HRD, Finance
  16. Financial Accounting, Management, Capital Markets
  17. Auditing
  18. Corporate Social Responsibility
  19. Corporate Governance